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Forever Loved

July 10, 2017 2 min read

Forever Loved by David H. Roper

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Reflect back on a time of being ignored, snubbed, put down, and judged on a daily basis from someone that plays a vital role in your life. Happens often now, doesn't it? At times, we even portray these acts on ourselves without even understanding why. We begin to lose our self-confidence, self-worth, and our overall well-being. Essentially, we begin to blame ourselves. Why is this and how can this be treated?

David’s enemies were talking smack. Bullying, threatening, and pummeling him with constant insults. Like most of us, our sense of self-worth and well-being had plummeted drastically (Psalm. 4:1-2). David asked for relief “from my distress”. Furthermore, David remembered this, “Know that the Lord has set apart his faithful servant for himself” (v.3). Many English versions see the core meaning of David’s statement, “faithful servant” as “godly”. In this instance, the Hebrew word here, hesed, refers to God’s covenant love and might well be rendered “those whom God will love forever and ever and ever”

Positively, we must remember that God will love us forever and set us apart in a very special way as if we were God’s own son or daughter. God has called us all to be his children for all of eternity. Freely, we receive constant love from God. We are his dearly beloved children. He never gives up on us, and he will never stop loving us. Through right or wrong, God will always love us. This is why it is important to remind ourselves through times when we feel defeated, lost, confused, etc that he is always here for us.

“Father in heaven, the words of others can wound us deeply. Your words to us heal and comfort, and you assure us that we are loved forever”. Remember, God loves without measure. He is here for you all through love and comfort every second of the day.

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