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Our Mission

Is to amplify and spread God’s love while building a community that’s focused on lifting each other up through prayer and praise.

Journal Collection

I had a wonderful experience dealing with this company. They communicated that it might take several weeks to fill my order, and when my jewelry arrived, it was worth the wait. Beautiful products! Thank you!


This company has beautiful items. My orders arrived within the time frame listed on their website. I was kept informed as to when shipping label was made and sent tracking numbers. Very happy. Would definitely order from them again!


I wish I had found this company sooner! I love their products, and I received my order very quickly. My only regret is that I didn’t order more!


Wonderful company! Ordered jewelry that was beautiful, well made, packaged well to arrive without damage. I would definitely order from them again! Love the jewelry products they offer, so beautiful!


Absolutely love the merchandise. Couldn't be happier! Just wish I ordered more. God bless all that had their hands involved in making this beautiful jewelry. Thank you so much and best wishes for your new journey.


CLC Members Community


I love that I can get prayer, encouragement, or a word of advice from fellow Christians! God designed us to live in community! #ironsharpensiron


This community is a lifeline to so many prayers. It doesn't matter that we are all strangers to each other, we have become friends through everyone's comments and requests for prayers. This group kept me going those last few days of my brothers life. There are just so many loving and caring Christians here.


I have made so many friends on this website! It is awesome to have a community where we pray for each other and reach out to each other for help and healing!


It gives me a sense of peace knowing were all on the same page. Reading everyone's prayers and comforting words brings everyone together. There's no judging here.


It is so nice to have prayer partners!! No judgements just genuine Christian love.


Every morning when you get up to dress, you put on your armor for the day. Your OUTSIDE armor. We must remember to put our INSIDE armor on too. And this community helps us to do that. No condemnation here. The best uplifting support from a community I have ever witnessed!