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Let Your Faith Be Bigger Than Your Fears

July 09, 2017 3 min read

Let Your Faith Be Bigger Than Your Fears: Learning to overcome your fears by consuming them with faith will lead to never-ending joy


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What's better than being given opportunities in life? Absolutely nothing. Whether we conquer the opportunity or it doesn't work out at all, who cares! Problem is, we do care. It’s human nature and sometimes we run from opportunity, but why? It’s an easy assumption. We are afraid to fail. Fear is in each and every one of us. There is a little piece inside of us that is scared to see what is around the corner of opportunities. Instead of running from your fear of opportunity, whatever it may be, conquer it through faith.

We feel we can do everything on our own. Whether we actually believe that or it’s pure stubbornness I don’t know, but we simply can’t. God is control of of every aspect of our everyday lives. For me, I was in a serious relationship for about three years. No problems, no worries, no trust issues. So what was the issue? At the time, I blamed lost feelings (which does happen and happened slightly) and being in two different parts of our life, but in reality, I met someone else a few days after we broke up and couldn’t get myself to admit that. I am a big believer in God working in mysterious ways with timing. People come in and out of our lives at unimaginable moments. It’s the way the Lord works! During this time, I could not find this to be true. I was stressing myself out for some unknown reason and this probably broke God’s heart because he doesn’t want to see me struggling with this, but to trust him. I needed to trust that God would lead me in the right direction. As human beings, we tend to think way too much. He wants us to relax and let him work. We/I just needed to remember that he is there for me and I needed to trust his timing. He brings people into our lives for a reason whether things work out for the good or the bad. They are meant to be in your life. In this case, this specific individual was meant to be in my life and I was meant to be in hers.

I trusted God and pursued a lasting friendship with this person. We eventually got together and hung out for months, but something was missing from my perspective. I couldn’t get over the fact that this person needed time before we potentially pursued something serious. With time, thoughts begin to arise and I started to think. Can I see myself with this person in the long run? Can I relate to this person in many different facets? Am I willing to do whatever it takes for this person? Did I still have feelings for my former partner? I sat back and thought about all of these questions. Mentally, I beat myself up again, but with proper guidance from our Lord, I knew the answer to each and every one of these questions. I demonstrated fear, but God was there for me and I let my faith in him guide me in the right direction. I struggled with this for months. I guarantee I will always struggle a little bit, but with God’s timing, I learned to trust and believe in him. He never sets us up for failure. He sure didn’t set me up for failure.

One thing I can say for sure (which I am still learning a lot) is to spend time with God. I don’t mean attend church every week or read the bible every single night (this is all great).How do you expect to hand your trust over to the lord if he is a stranger to you?Talk to him and let him hear about your day. Praise him at times where you don’t even realize you have to. He will always have an answer for you if you believe it. He will always be your number one supporter. Have faith in him. His grace, righteousness, faithfulness — everything is overwhelmingly sufficient. Put every drop of your faith into the Lord and you will see him rock your world. Your joy will overflow and the love of the Lord will have you floating. "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the lord your God is with you wherever you go.” — Joshua 1:9

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