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Speak Out What You Believe In Christ

September 25, 2017 2 min read

What are you facing right now that is “as good as dead?” Has God given you a promise that has yet to be fulfilled? Has God placed a calling on your life that has yet to be realized? Have you sensed God leading you to wait on Him for certain things that have not come to pass? Perhaps it’s marital harmony? Maybe it’s reconciliation with a wayward child? Whatever promise, calling, or biblical desire you may have, ask God for grace to persevere in your faith with patience. Until He says “no,” He likely wants you to wait on Him and continue to trust in Him.

Many believers are not experiencing the breakthroughs they want because they are not speaking out what they believe about the Word, but are speaking out what they see, feel and experience in their circumstances.

 They don’t say anything—good or bad—because they have resigned themselves to their negative situation.

His will is for you to be healthy, prosperous and full of joy and peace. That’s why He gave you the power to change your circumstances, and that power lies in your mouth. As God’s child, you can speak positively into your negative situation and see it change for the better to speak in line with God’s promises and turned a potentially tragic accident into a glorious testimony of His goodness.

If you want to see good days, then keep your tongue from speaking unbelief, and release the power and life of the Lord through your mouth into your situation. So don’t just believe God’s promises, speak them out too.

Perhaps you are suffering a sickness that doctors say you have to be on long-term medication for and your heart’s desire is to be healed. Or maybe you have a debt that you need to pay off. These are needs that God has taken care of through Jesus’ perfect work at the cross. So instead of talking about how bad the situation is, start speaking life into your situation.

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