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God's Grace is Mind-Blowing

July 10, 2017 2 min read

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God’s Grace is Mind-Blowing by Phillip Holmes

God is so gracious and many people struggle to believe it. Many of us do not understand or know what grace is or what it looks like. When we sin, we sometimes find ourselves asking God “Do you still love me?” “Why are you so patient with me?” As our sin increases, we need a biblical view of the grace of God. We turn to scriptures to paint a bigger picture of who and what God is and how much he loves us all. We see the God of the scriptures. He is so gracious that it actually blows our minds- having us tear up knowing that he is so great and loving at all times. It’s satisfying to know that he will never look down on us, but simply care for us as sons and daughters.

We all have different viewpoints about our Lord based off of experiences with family, relatives, or a general viewpoint of mankind. We’re unacquainted with grace, mercy, and truth that’s untainted by sin. Humanly speaking, though we’ve experienced grace, we’ve never met a person that embodied grace perfectly. We should never be afraid to show and express the need for grace. Notably, there are plenty of human motivations for showing signs of grace and our ability to forgive our own sins and ignorance. So why is grace so mind-blowing?

God is neither motivated by his own sinfulness nor enabled by his ignorance. He is a holy and righteous God, completely void of sin and full of goodness and of course, love. God understands we are not perfect. When we sin he still treats us as if we didn’t. He knows everything we do, what we have ever done, and he is able to stand it. His knowledge of who we are will never hinder his love for us. He is even aware of the evil behind our righteous deeds. The Lord knows us for the good and the bad that we portray, but is still able to love us as his children. God’s grace is absolutely mind-blowing if you really sit back and think about it. It’s amazing to think that God can love for everything that we are regardless of our acts. We are not perfect and will never be perfect. He understands that and simply wants us all to be happy with our lives and live it through faith and trust in him.

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Debra Floerke
Debra Floerke

September 05, 2017

Love them, stumbled on site. Devotions touched me. God bless

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