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Sharing God's Love

It starts with YOU

By sharing our video, you're directly joining the fight against world hunger. Our goal is to provide more than 33,000 meals to malnourished mothers and children across the world. With every share, you're helping us spread God's love one meal at a time. 

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Your support helps provide:

Sharing God's Love

With the help from our friends at  Compassion International, we are able to provide food for mothers and their children across the globe.

Our community

Our mission is to create a unique community that’s focused on lifting each other up through prayer, praise and support. Join our private Facebook community to stay updated on our donations and how we spread God's love!

Who we help

Friends for change

We'd like to give a special thank you to our great friends at Compassion International for their incredible work in helping to make this mission possible. Together we work to share God's love... one meal at a time.

Donation progress

The first donation will be made on June 29th, 2019, and every 7 days after based on the number of shares on our post. Be sure to check back as we provide progress updates and share stories of those we've helped. Our donations will continue up to our goal of 100,000 shares... that's over 33,000 meals!

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